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Spotify Continues To Adapt With The Streaming World

Spotify Continues To Adapt With The Streaming WorldHave you been using Spotify lately? You may have noticed a plethora of new features rolling out here and there. A lot of these intuitive new tools are both artist and user friendly. For instance, Spotify for Artists has changed the way artists can interact with their music, while also gaining salient information on the who their fan base is. Below are just a few of the new features Spotify has rolled out in the recent months so you can keep up and stay alert on the latest tools.

Spotify for Artists

Formally known as fan insights, SFA is the new home for detailed Spotify specific fan data, artist playlist creation, artist picks and image uploading. Now, you can invite your team to help manage your account. Gaining access to Spotify for Artists also verifies your artist profile. The twist? There is no follower threshold to gain access. Check out the Spotify for Artists hub for the complete set of information right here and FAQs here.

Spotify Codes

Remember QR codes? A lot of people still really love them and for good reason. QR codes allow for direct access to the content that brands and creators want consumers to engage with. Spotify has thus decided it was their turn to create Spotify specific codes that lead to every individual piece of content on the service. All you have to do to access is press “share” on any song, album, playlist, or artist profile and a Spotify code will populate under the image of the content you are asking to share.

To read this code, open search on your mobile Spotify app and press the camera button in the top right corner. Hold the viewfinder above any code and voila; you should have been directed to a piece of content associated with that unique code. Artists have already started to get creative with these by taking screenshots, printing them out and putting them on cards, posters and clothing.

Video Playlists

Video has slowly been making its way throughout Spotify in various capacities. You may have seen some videos hidden on playlists like New Music Friday toward the end of last year, but within the last few months two flagship playlists have been given the complete video rebrand. Both RapCaviar and Rock This have seen their playlists transform from providing only music, to giving users a complete media experience with different themes every week featuring highly produced content from Spotify.

Themes range from 2 Chainz detailing how Atlanta’s exotic dance clubs provide the ultimate A&R insight, to Imagine Dragons talking about the creative process behind their new album. Spotify is also highlighting music videos on these playlists, as well. While this is extremely curated and competitive, this shows us the direction Spotify is moving. We look forward to exploring more video opportunities once playlists continue to evolve.

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