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Out Today by The Orchard: Silverstein, Birthh & More!

Out Today by The Orchard: Silverstein, Birthh & More!

Happy Friday, music fans! The forecast calls for a fun, relaxing weekend and this week’s releases are sure to assist you in that endeavor! This week’s Out Today features Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein, Italian singer/songwriter Birthh, and Swedish rapper Gee Dixon. 

Silverstein, A Beautiful Place to Drown (Silverstein Music)

Two decades into their career and over 12 albums under their belt, Silverstein returns with their blistering eleventh album, A Beautiful Place to Drown. The Burlington, Ontario natives hit the ground running early in 2020 with the release of their single “Infinite,” that has set the tone for the release of their new album. A Beautiful Place to Drown sees the band experiment musically while remaining faithful to their roots. Silverstein opens to collaborations on this album, with appearances from Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan, Intervals, and Princess Nokia, adding elements of their own musical style to the project. Find the heavy rock heroes on tour or a festival near you and deep dive into A Beautiful Place to Drown now. 

Birthh, WHOA (Carosello Records)

Raised in Florence, Italy, singer/songwriter Birthh has released her sophomore album after the success of her debut album, Born in the Woods. The latest release, WHOA, picks up right where her debut left off. Alicia Bisi, the mastermind and creative director behind Birthh, combines indie-pop, hip-hop, and electronic subtleties to create what she calls “cosmic pop.” Each song on the album is its own “little planet” in her universe of cosmic pop. Birthh flawlessly forms a unique sound through this album that she supplements with abrupt and raw lyricism. Each line speaks to the trials and tribulations of her personal life, in hopes that listeners can relate and find solace in her words and music. Listen to the honest, ethereal masterpiece that is WHOA, out now. 

Gee Dixon, Juju EP (Redline Recordings)

Platinum-selling Swedish rapper Gee Dixon aims to set Swedish rap aflame with his new EP, Juju. Dixon’s sound is comprised of different influences like American trap music and Caribbean beats, as the project breaks genre barriers with its tracks. The rapper flawlessly moves from hard rap songs to dance club anthems, with wistful tracks woven throughout. The debut EP comes after the success of Dixon’s hit single “Majnoon,” a song that elevated his superstar status beyond his home country. Gee Dixon is widely considered a veteran of the Swedish rap scene, and the release of his new project will definitely solidify and expand upon this title. Vibe with Dixon on his debut EP, Juju. 

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Happy Holidays From The Orchard Around The World

Please note, our offices will be closed between December 24th and January 2nd. See you on Tuesday, January 3rd for what we hope will be a fantastic 2017!


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