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Facebook Introduces New Ad Functionality: Collection

Facebook Introduces New Ad Functionality: Collection

Collection adFacebook recently introduced collection ads to help advertisers highlight products in their web stores. The collection ad features a video or display image at the top along with a carousel below, with the store’s products.

The format allows the advertiser to showcase their items with a video or image that gives context to the way the customer would use the product. Displaying up to 50 products at a time, the image will link directly to a web page where customers can purchase the item.

Keep in mind, to create a collection ad, you must be using a Facebook Product Catalog.

Collection increases the likelihood of discovery and a purchase by featuring a primary video or image above relevant product images….Three in four consumers say that watching videos on social media influences their purchasing decisions, which is why we designed collection.” – Facebook

With this new ad unit, users can interact more with the products they are interested in, while advertisers will see higher Brand Recall and Return on Ad Spend. Collection also creates a consumer experience that emphasize how current customers interact with their favorite brands. Through testing of the new collection ads, brands have seen an ROI increase of over 200% on their ads.

So what does this mean for you? Labels, artists, managers and filmmakers can now use these ads to feature a music video or trailer while also displaying physical and digital products and more. This gives your fans a better frame of reference for what you are selling with a focused experience to inspire purchase. While a fan watches the music video or sees the album artwork they can select the artist’s new album t-shirt that is showcased below.

Collection ads will allow The Orchard and our clients to better highlight our merchandise and physical products leading to more clicks and purchases. Engagements and awareness of your release will increase because ads will be targeted with better and increasingly accurate data.

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