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Case Study: Sabaton “The Last Stand”

Case Study: Sabaton “The Last Stand”


If you take a look at the picture above, you’ll notice a few things about Sabaton [Nuclear Blast]. First, these dudes are obviously a metal band. Second, you can deduce from this image that Sabaton is entirely and wonderfully epic in every sense of the word. The band’s August 2016 release The Last Stand was no exception. With each song elaborately illustrating a heroic battle throughout history’s great societies, The Last Stand‘s dominating thematic elements gave our interactive marketing team an opportunity to get crafty/creative with the art of war. Along with fueling social activity and creating buzz for the new record, our team’s overarching goal was to engage Sabaton‘s massive and active fanbase in new and exciting ways.


One amazing facet of The Last Stand‘s cohesive theme is its artwork. The front cover features iconic characters and scenes from each of the battles outlined in the album’s songs. With this idea in mind, we created an interactive art page where fans could scroll over the people and places on The Last Stand album cover and learn about the story and historical meaning behind each. This not only submerged fans in the depths of the art, but gave listeners more insight on Sabaton‘s songs and the inspiration behind them. With streaming media and general album information tied into the page, this asset served as an excellent promotional tool for the band.

We are always striving to incorporate the newest/coolest interactive tools into our marketing campaigns. Sabaton and Nuclear Blast took plenty of time creating sweet content to promote The Last Stand, with interviews, lyric videos and plenty of awesome art. We took these killer promotional assets and built a Facebook Canvas that compiled the visual material on a clean mobile interface. With the swipe of a finger, fans could scroll through band interviews, immersive album art work and 3D-like lyric videos all in one place. Ultimately, this Facebook canvas gave Sabaton’s new record conducive exposure in a unique and entertaining way.

Lastly, we advised the band to use Facebook’s live video tool whenever they could. Using Facebook’s high-reach platform, the band took footage of performances in real time that teased tracks from The Last Stand, garnering a ton of attention and excitement from fans. Organically, Sabaton’s live videos reached 1.5 million Facebook users and accumulated 40,000 reactions, proving the tool to be a cost-effective and worthwhile strategy.


  • On the USA charts, The Last Stand hit #63 on the Billboard Top 200, #2 for hard music albums, #4 for independent albums and #5 for rock albums.
  • Social activity swelled, with 965,585 video views recorded and 30k likes accrued on Facebook.
  • Accomplished significant growth on Sabaton’s social profiles especially Instagram (99% follower increase) and Facebook (172% increase in engagement).


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